Salt doesn't actually melt ice, but here's how it makes freezing streets safer

The common belief that salt is put on streets to melt ice isn’t true, but other properties of salt make it a useful material when roads are freezing

Color changing ink turns everyday clothes into smart clothes which can sense chemicals and other information

New color changing ink technology could aid in health monitoring – through the clothes people wear daily

Farming on Mars will be harder than your favorite sci-fi movie makes it seem

The different soil and and lack of an atmosphere on Mars will make growing and harvesting crops more difficult than it is on Earth, despite how easy it seems in movies based on the red planet.

Researchers have developed a color-changing film inspired by Chameleons

The new color-changing film changes color in response to stretching, pressure, or humidity

A newer, safer way to train dogs to detect explosives and narcotics - K9 Chemistry

With new developments in the implementation of chemistry in technology, canine trainers will no longer have to expose dogs to dangerous materials to train them.

LEGOs can survive in the ocean for over 1,000 years

According to new research, a LEGO brick can survive in the ocean for as many as 1,300 years. 

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