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Ancient crocodiles may have swam across the Atlantic Ocean

An examination of the skull of an ancient crocodile ancestor helps to explain how Crocodiles ended up in both the Americas and Africa.

South American mammal ancestors may have been replaced by northern counterparts

A recent study of fossil records and extinction records suggests that a combination of extinction and predatory competition may have benefitted North American mammals when the north and south continents were connected. 

Alligators can regrow their tails?

According to a recent study, young American alligators, like other  reptiles, have the ability to regrow their tails up to 18% of their body length. 

Fish save energy by swimming in schools

Robot-like fish provided insight to researchers and scientists who were interested in the effects other fishes’ swimming on a member of the school.

Blue-Footed Booby

The Blue-footed Booby delights with it’s bright blue feet. Unique coloration is common among birds, especially tropical birds, but is typically reserved to the plumage not appendages. The Blue-footed Booby is a marine animal found exclusively in the eastern Pacific Ocean.

Pangolins... what are they?

Covered in unique brown plate-like scales, with short legs and a long tail, Pangolins make such interesting mammals to explore! At first glance, Pangolins are often mistaken as some kind of reptile, but they are the only mammals in the world with scales.


Quokka are adorable small marsupials about the size of a house cat. They are very sociable friendly animals even with humans! They’ve become a bit of a selfie sensation, with tourists and locals flocking to take their very own selfie with an ever grinning quokka.

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