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Most chemists operate in two worlds of work. One is the macroscopic world that you can see, touch and feel. Chemists also operate in the microscopic world that you can’t see, touch or feel.


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Pharmacists are medicine experts. They advise nurses, doctors, and patients on the correct medication and dosage for a patient. If you have ever taken medication from a bottle with your name on it, those pills came from a pharmacist who made sure you got the right medication and the right dosage. 

Physical Therapeutics

If you are injured in an accident, suffer a stroke, heart attack, or loss of a limb, or are born with conditions that make it difficult to move your body, then you will often be cared for by a physical therapist. 

Marine Biology

Do you enjoy going to the ocean? Do you like examining all of the creatures at the aquarium? Do you read up on different ocean animals for fun? If this is the case, then Marine Biology may be right for you.


Nurses are a huge part of the healthcare field. Lots of people see them as ‘lesser doctors’ but they are much more than that. In many ways, nurses are the backbone of healthcare, performing lots of different tasks. 

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