Join our Tutoring Team!

Join the Science Wiz Kids Tutoring Team and Make a Lasting Difference

Are you a high school, college or graduate school student? Are you a current or former teacher? Maybe you are just a person with a gift of teaching others. If so, we would love to have you join our Science Wiz Kids family!

Why Join our Tutoring Team?

We love learning and we love students that have a passion for learning. Unfortunately, not all students have the resources to get the help that they need. In this crazy world we live in, many underprivileged students are struggling to keep up. With so many schools moving to remote learning, some times students don’t have the opportunity to dive a little deeper or ask a key question that they have been struggling with.

We think you can help fill this void. Help struggling students understand those key concepts and help make science fun again for all!

Make a difference in the lives of others

We are committed to serving those underprivileged students who have a desire to learn about science but don’t have the advantages many other students do. 

Flexible scheduling and engagements

sports, gymnastics, fitness

We connect you to the student to set up the schedule that will work best. Most tutors leverage Zoom as most students are familiar with it. We check in frequently with both tutor and student to make sure all is going well. 

Earn community service hours

Many schools require community service these days. Tutoring on Science Wiz Kids is a great way to accumulate those hours and do good at the same time.

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