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Science Wiz Kids is a non-profit organization dedicated to using science to help enrich the lives of students. We believe that education is a key ingredient to success and not all students have the same access to enriching opportunities. 

Our site offers free online tutoring and also provides educational content in the form of student written blogs. 

My Passion

My name is Kai Campbell and I along with Luca Campbell are the founders of Science Wiz Kids. Being a minority student of color, growing up I often felt that there were opportunities that students of privilege were often afforded that many other students, like us, were not. Access to guidance outside of the classroom to help better comprehend challenging academic subjects is a good example.

Over the last few years, I have spent a large amount of time volunteering and although I consider myself a science person, the energy, humility and sense of accomplishment one gets by helping others is, in my mind, unmatched. It is with this passion that I founded Science Wiz Kids. By connecting my passion for science with the  need in society for providing educational opportunities to the underprivileged, I can work to accomplish two goals, one personal and one universal.

I hope you enjoy our website and I hope we can help you gain a greater appreciation for the kinetic energy that science can bring to your heart.


Kai Campbel


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